"Trekking delle Legende" - Hiking in Fiemme Valley

Whoever chooses the Fiemme Valley for his or her hiking-holiday, can looking forward to unspoiled landscapes, deep forests, breath taking panoramas and a lot of hiking paths.

To give you an impression about what you can expect in Fiemme Valley we show you one part of the famous "Trekking delle Legende" Hike.

The 6 hours long excursion begins on Manghen-Pass at 2,047 m above sea level. You get there by car taking the Mendel- or the Rolle-Pass. Arrived there you have to follow path 322A. After 30 minutes you reach the Lago di Buse Lake.

There you continue your hike on path 322A where you reach Forcella di Montalon at 2,133 m above sea level. Up there you will have a great view over the Lago di Stellune Lake in Valsugana. Following the path you come to the Forcella di Val Sorda (2,256 m) and then again to the Lago di Buse Lake and on path 217 through the Valley of Moena to Cavalese, where the excursion ends.To get back to the starting point, use the bus.

Please take a map and a guide with you!

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