By bike through the Val di Fiemme Valley

In the Val di Fiemme Valley we find not only the challenging and difficult Marcialonga Cycling Race with 185 km, but also a huge number of much easier cycling runs. Biking in the Val di Fiemme Valley is simply great.

You find yourself in the middle of unspoilt nature, cycling along rivers and brooks, exploring mountain pastures and deep woods. Amazing views over the Dolomites are all around you. This area of the Trentino is a real paradise for cyclers!

One cycling tour is especially to be recommended. It leads over 17 km from Molina di Fiemme to Tesero.

The course

The cycling tour begins in Molina di Fiemme on the left bank of the Avisio River. From there you take the forest track to the Manghenpass-Road. It leads you through the Val Calamento Valley to Borgo Valsugana. Arrived there you go on over other forest tracks to Cascata and the Masi di Cavalese. Following the former train line you finally get to the marvelous Lago di Tesero Lake. At it's shore you can take a short break, recharge your batteries and enjoy the beautiful landscape. For going back to the starting point you can take the bus.

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The Marcialonga Cycling Race is the most important sports event in the Val di Fiemme Valley and in the whole Trentino region.

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